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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Result Continue a Week After the Ultimate Reset

I might have a delayed result from the Reset. But most likely, I just do better with more protein. I said this because after I finished the Ultimate Reset, my body fat and weight continue to drop.
Yes, I am talking AFTER the Reset, which translate to I eat like maaaaad! I had sushi night out, egg whites, chicken, my favorite snack popcorners, 85° pastries, tiramisu, ... talk about the revenge of a protein-depraved woman! hahaha .... *ehm*

Anyhooo, I measured myself a week after the reset found the weight still dropping and so did the body fat (by another 0.4%). This morning, I lost another pound. Considering how much I have been eating and snacking here and there, it is rather surprising. Not that I am complaining, mind you, but I rather not look too skinny.

I love veggies and mushrooms and tofu to begin with, unfortunately these don't provide enough protein for the amount of activity I do. So far, I have been doing one workout a day with the exception of yesterday when I had to teach 2 classes. 

Yeah yeah, I could hear some people already say that that is not the point of the Ultimate Reset - i.e. it is a detox vs. weight loss. No matter how you slice it, the two just so happened together. And be honest. The majority who do this program are first and foremost to lose weight. To get rid of extra fat. Me included. I was simply curious and yes, wanted to get rid of the extra layer of fat from the whole month of binging on sweet croissants (Paris Baguette, I still love you but you're too clingy on my hips!).

So back to regular protein intake for me. What's different now is that I eat a lot more veggies, balancing my bad food with good food better. Now time to start pumping up the weights. Because scrawny is not in my vocabulary.

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