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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 14 - Body Combat Training Day Two


  • Breakfast: Berries
  • Workout: Body Combat Training (full day!)
  • Snacks: Berries + Sweet Potato + Banana
  • Lunch: Quinoa with Tofu, Mushroom, Cauli & Brussels Sprouts
  • Dinner: Berries Salad


Another grueling day at the training. Actually more so than the first day. We had to do Body Combat Challenge on top of practicing and presenting our tracks. I should have brought one more set of clothes... As for food, I brought plenty. I even remembered to bring Reset supplements. The snack choices were spot on - Sweet potato, banana and berries. I didn't crash, I had good energy level (muscles are sore and beat up but I wasn't slumping) and finished the day strong. I didn't even need coffee. I thought about it, looking at Audrey's Starbucks cup, but it was more of a need to spend some money on snack.... bad habit.

I finished the banana on the way home and wasn't feeling hungry until much later that evening. For dinner, I decided to load up on fiber and veggie protein. I never added uncooked tofu in my salad prior to this detox program, but I'm loving it now. The not so firm tofu adds creamy texture to the salad. A bit like ripe avocado. As for mushrooms, I still like it better cooked. At the least I would saute it first with a spray of coconut oil before tossing them into my greens. Same goes with broccoli and cauliflower. Although once in a while I would appreciate the "sharpness" of these veggie, nothing beats garlic saute cauli over salad. And of course, I am big on fruits and almonds. Texture in my food is important. I prefer having something to bite my teeth into or chew. If I want to drink my food, I called it juice not food.

Will I ever get tired of quinoa? Once done with the reset I'm going to go Indo crazy on it :P

That's not purple tofu. That's the beets doing. You might say too much sugar for dinner, I say, if you burned as much calories as I just did today you will be needing those sugar calories.

On to day 15...

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