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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 18 - Sweet Quinoa for Breakfast



Back was much better as the day progressed. Still taking it easy although that didn't mean I was about to let the class hanging. Changing the menu of the day, inspired by a recipe on SparkPeople website for quinoa. Yes, still curious about quinoa.
Three more days to the end of the Ultimate Reset, my weight looks stable after losing 6 pounds. Body fat still at the same percentage, but relative to the weight loss, I know I'm losing fat too. I can see it in the mirror.  But I'm holding back and still waiting until the last day of the reset to try on that pair of jeans that has been stored waaaaay back in my closet.

Starting the day...

So excited to try something new in the kitchen. Savory, spicy, now sweet! Quinoa for breakfast, cooked somewhat like we do oatmeal. Enjoying the result.

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I don't want to overkill posting the green juice on the blog. Yep, that's the same green color liquid in a shaker cup. Ooooh, different angle... Uh uh. Suffice to say by now you should know what it looks like just by reading the description. Oh and know that's it is healthy and good for you as it is tasty (as green juice goes).

So lunch time came, and no, I don't want to serve quinoa again, and hold off on making soup until I finished this green soup. What I haven't served so far is highlight a stir fry on its own. No sides, no quinoa. Just on its own.Rummaging through the pantry for spices I decided on cumin. Other than adding salt and pepper, something about cumin in this stir fry just didn't need other additional spices. May be a dash of cayenne just for a little heat.

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Dinner. Stocked up with new supply of unsweetened soymilk, I happily made my favorite: mushroom soup! Only this time I ran out of Shitake mushrooms... oh for sheez...  I settled with white mushrooms. Humble white mushrooms don't have the strong earthy flavor of Shitake. So this called for companions in the pot. I figured it was time to start cleaning out the fridge anyway with three more days to the end of the Reset. In all kinds of veggies, except carrots and tomato.

I wish I had more room in my stomach for another bowl, unfortunately I think the reset has shrunk my belly and ability to eat a lot at once.  Andy loved it! Of course, I added chunks of rotisserie chicken to his bowl. Still without the chicken, it's creamy and tasty already. All those vegetables and fibers would make you full and satisfied.

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It was our fault to stay up later than we should. Dinner was more than enough, and we should have been in bed 3 hours ago. Had we not started feeling hungry again we would probably still be up. On to day 19....

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