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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Musing Aloud About Dieting

Many people, me included, failed their diet/detox program because of many reasons. The most common one is FRUSTRATION. The unfamiliar territory of "dieting" makes the program seems too hard and complicated to follow. Once that feeling of utter loss sets in, one would get intimidated, discouraged then left the program. I had experienced that too.

Food is, for the majority, a source of comfort.That fact alone pretty much attributes to why so many of us need to be on a better diet.

Who doesn't want comfort, that warmth in your tummy and euphoria in your mind, really? The thought of restricting this flow of good feeling one is accustomed to is enough to give anyone a pause going on to a diet program.

The key to get over this frustration is to remove the intimidation. Change the unfamiliar to something closer to home and comforting.  Tweak your diet, as supposed to turning your culinary world upside down. Unless your current world consists of twinkies, fast food and chips, well then you need a total overhaul :)   Anyway, while it's good to try something new, especially when it comes to healthy choices, if you normally don't eat kale, then don't force yourself to eat it under the diction of the program (unless you tried and liked it).  If kale is not for you, change it to spinach or other dark leafy veggie. There are plenty alternatives for each healthy stuff out there. Be creative, be curious, ask around, research, … google it!

The Ultimate Reset happens to come with a really good recipes. So there's no excuse, if you don't know what to make, you can select several recipe from the book for each week. And I really do mean only several. Rotate the food. So what if you eat Red Pepper soup 2x in that week? Make extra and have it for dinner 2 days later. If you tried to do different food for each day, you will only overwhelmed yourselves. Not to mention the burden on your wallet and fridge space!

Second common reason is ACCOUNTABILITY. There are two types of accountability: Monetary and Social image/reputation.

Monetary accountability is simply about assigned value. If something is given for free, people tend to put zero value on it. So, for example if you want to follow me in doing this Reset, then get on  program and purchase it. You put a stake in it by attaching a dollar value to it.  It will increase the chance of you following through the program until the end. Make your money worth!

Seriously, what got me is, people would spend hundreds without blinking on some gadgets or shoes, or clothes but for something that could transform their appearances, health and lives they expect it to just come down from the sky for free... No, my friend. You gotta pay for it, work it and earn it. Make it valuable to you.

Now, social image or reputation is about one's ego. Are you a person of your own words? Are you able to stick through a challenge or are you a quitter? This is where peer support comes in play. More specifically, a partner in diet. If possible, find a friend who will do the program together with you. Tag each other each day on what you do/eat. Communicate back and forth. Support each other. BE TOUGH! You are only in this program for 21 days, if you started to give each other a break here and there then you only sabotage that short 3 weeks period. Trust me, you will thank each other that you did.

There are other reasons why people fall off their diet programs, but those two above are what I know for the fact because it happened to me personally.

The truth is I'd most likely not going to complete a diet program if I didn't pay for it. In fact I know for sure I would have fallen off the wagon after day 3 if I didn't just spend $200 on it. I know because I had done that before on other type of program that was free. 

The fact is although it had crossed my mind to do the Ultimate Reset, I wouldn't have taken the action and done it, had it not a friend inquired about it and wanting to do it.

The Ultimate Reset is a cleansing program by Beachbody. The cleansing kit comes with supplements and nutritional guide, explanation on the program, and recipes. The duration of the program is 21 days. Read more about it here [...]

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