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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 15 - TGI Monday! Last week of Ultimate Reset


  • Workout: Teaching Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Snack: Banana
  • Breakfast: Blackberries + almonds & cinnamon
  • Lunch: Creamy Tomato Veggie Soup
  • Workout: Body Combat practice (1 hour)
  • Snack: Japanese Yam (Sweet Potato)
  • Dinner: Strawberry Spinach Salad


Finished a training doesn't mean you could stop there. In fact, while the lesson still fresh in your mind it is the best time to practice. After teaching my morning Turbo Kick class, refresh - replenish - rest (a little) I went practicing Body Combat.  As always, I thought I was going to take it easy. "... just the choreography," I said to Andy. Uh uh. Jump knees, E-kicks, and well, another sweaty session.  I could barely punch my jabs in the morning, but replenishment during the day seemed to invigorate me again.

Starting the day...

Typical brekkie, ran off with a banana and away to teach TK. I felt my arms were about to fall out with each punches! No worry. I'm the instructor after all ... kekekeke :P  I just made them do a lot of legs workout while I walked around checking their forms. Kidding! Well, no I did. But that's only the last 10 minutes of the class. Banana held me up until I got home and scarved down some blackberries.

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Refreshed, then prepare lunch. I know there's a reason I made a lot of the red pepper sweet potato bisque (what a mouthful); it's a good base to make other soupy meal. I made Southwestern Red Pepper Quinoa Soup the other night. Now, I used it to make a Creamy Tomato Veggie soup.

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I bought Japanese yam at the market this morning along with the usual purple ones. Now I have alternative post workout snack. Japanese yam is red skinned and yellow inside. Firmer than the regular red and yellow sweet potato. But not as firm as Purple ones. So it is ideal to be carried in the gym bag. 

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Once again refreshed, now replenish. Dinner time. Hm... I might as well finished up the Strawberries before they go bad. Strawberry Spinach salad on the menu again.

Strawberry Spinach Salad w/ tempeh, taro and tofu

Rolling into bed and zzzz.... On to day 16....

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