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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Really Simple Mushroom Stir Fry

I like to keep things simple. Nothing elaborate, especially when one or more of the following applies: I'm hungry, I have no time, I'm tired, I only have what's in the fridge. So, simple stir fry is my go to meal. Everything in one wok, basically.   The only prep work for this stir fry is the roasted Red Pepper (here's how you make some), or not. You can use diced raw/fresh ones as well. You won't get that roasty, delectably sweetness of the paprika, but it will work. :) Remember, it should be simple. 

Simple Mushroom Stir Fry

1 box mushrooms* -  large diced
Half large onion - diced
Half Green Bell Pepper - sliced
Half Red Pepper (Roasted or not)
a handful of fresh Parsley - chopped coarse
1 tsp Olive Oil
Fresh ground black pepper and Himalayan Salt to taste

*of your choice (that small container sold in the market)

Set heat to high and start the onion with the olive oil.

When they start to cook (you can tell they turn translucent) add in the mushrooms.

Keep stirring on high heat about 1-2 minute, until the mushroom soften. Add in the bell pepper (the fresh ones). Yup, you guess it. Keep stirring.

When it's about done, add in the roasted pepper (skip this if you are not using roasted pepper),

... add in parsley.

Stir it one last time and serve.

(I just looove the #21DaysFix containers. They make for a great mold :p )