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Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 20 - It's All a Blur


  • Pre/Post Workout snack: Purple Yam
  • Workout: Teach Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Lunch: Black Tofu salad with stir fry Cauli Mushroom
  • Dinner: Quinoa with stir fry veggie
  • Snack: Purple Yam


Weekend was another whirlwind of a day. Ran off to teach Turbo Kick in the morning, had my workout snack/breakfast, lunch, then off to the airport. I was prepared though, I packed up dinner and snack. I wasn't about to loose it just when it's so close to the finish line. I noticed that I could eat a lot of quinoa. Not in a sitting, but if I do eat slowly, between me and Andy, we could finish 1 cup of uncooked quinoa that was made into a meal.  At the airport, Andy bought Orange Chicken and Veggie Chow Mein from Panda Express. Yes there is tons of oil in the chow mein but I was curious nonetheless. I took a tiny bite of the noodles.... and WOW!! Whoa!! Salty, oily, strong taste! It's amazing how my palate becomes even more sensitive over 21 days of eating very lean and clean. Kewl! :)

Starting the day

Breakfast was none existence today. I skipped it to pre and post workout snack. I had a really good strong, high energy class and that pumped me up! Adrenaline still rushing, endorphin flowing, and I felt good.  For lunch, I was finishing the black tofu with my salad, just adding more substance into it i.e. mushrooms and cauliflower.

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Not long after lunch it was time to prepare dinner. Since we were packing it to the airport while waiting for Andy's flight to Singapore that night, I chose to make quinoa.  The way I have been preparing quinoa is as one-pot meal. Very simple and practical. Perfect for "picnic" food. So Quinoa with stir fry veggie and mushrooms, which then Andy could eat as main dish, while he indulge with Orange Chicken on the side (not pictured!).

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We also had purple yam as snack. You know how it is waiting at the airport. Having that and coffee, satisfy our habitual needs to buy snacks.

On to day 21. Told you it was fast....

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