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Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 11 - No Morning Workout Equals to Afternoon Energy Slump


  • Breakfast: Fruits + Almonds & Cinnamon
  • Lunch: Miso Veggie Soup over Taro
  • Snack: Shakeology Choco Vegan + Coconut & Pineapple
  • Workout: Insanity (30 min class) + Body Combat (1 hour)
  • Post Workout Snack: Sweet Potato
  • Dinner: Miso Veggie soup over Taro


No morning workout made me feel sluggish pretty much the whole day. Until I got my workout in the evening. It was hard to start the class for Insanity, but once I got going, wow. It was like a release. Rushing off to the Body Combat class after that. Energy level was still high on the second workout. It was intense and exhilarating. I was beat tired at night though.

Starting the day...

... with mix fruits and almond slices as expected. Boring, yah I know. I fleetingly wished I could have Greek yogurt with it or granola. 

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I wanted to make use of the miso paste. I like the flavor of this paste, not over powering and not too salty. Adding in some soy milk to the base soup lends to a bit of a heavier consistency. I basically dumped every kind of veggie I have in the fridge. A bit of this and bit of that. I love colorful soup, it's pretty and different texture of the veggie makes it more interesting to eat. Mushrooms and tofu are definitely in as protein source.  I'm happy with the result. This recipe is a keeper.

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Energy low alert. I was sore and tired in the morning from yesterday's workout, but no exercise in the morning really killed my mood. And I was really feeling sluggish and sleepy. I needed a pick me up real bad before I teach the class at 6:30p.  

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The Shakeology Chocolate helped a little, but what perked me up was the actual workout. The first jumping jack was tough. My legs felt like logs. 5 minutes later, tough, I was free! I feel my energy level went back up. Even though I had planned to lower the intensity during Body Combat, I ended up going all out. Sweet potato and banana, sharing it with Andy, hold me up until dinner time. 

Dinner was the same. The beauty of cooking extra, you don't have to labor again before your meal especially when you are dead tired like me that night. Enjoying the remaining of the Miso Veggie soup before hitting the sack. 

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Good night! On to day 12... 

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