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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musing over Body Combat Training Weekend

Over the past weekend I took the Body Combat Initial training. That was a two full days of education on instructing and workout. Let me rephrase: two full day of useful info and intense workout. Talk about serious brain and muscles overdrive.

Considering I am on a detox and vegetarian diet, I still have enough energy to last the day. I brought enough food for meal and snacks, plus Mineralize water (part of the Ultimate Reset supplement) to hydrate and replaced minerals I lost from sweating. Yes, we all sweat profusely. I changed clothes twice each training day. Once for after each grueling workout or challenge.

My weight has been constant during week 2 of the Reset, even up a pound last week, but this morning when I weigh, I dropped two pounds and sore all over. Good sore though. 

I didn't feel low on energy, on the contrary, I was pumped! Constant stream of endorphin through the day maybe? Whatever it was, I've proven to myself that, for me, there is no way during a detox or diet like this I could keep my energy and mood high with no exercise.  Morning or afternoon workout is the best, as my mood tends to go South as the sun sets to the West.

Others who do the Ultimate Reset might experience it differently. In fact, I see many posts about how people become cranky and emo during this Ultimate Reset program.  Hm... perhaps that is why skinny models always have pouty face, because they are cranky all the time? :p  Anyway, I digress.

My conclusion is, no coffee or sweets can replace the effectiveness of a good workout in boosting up my mood (and shaved off stubborn fat ^__^ ).  You may call it addiction, I call it a lifestyle.

Ultimate Reset is a cleanse/diet program by Beachbody. I started my first Reset April 22, 2013. Follow my blog to get insights on my experience and food ideas. I modified the program to fit my workout needs.
Body Combat is one of Les Mills ( workout programs. My training was conducted at a 24 Hour Fitness in Upland on May 4-5, 2013.

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