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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 17 - Nothing like an Owie to Keep the Appetite Away


  • Breakfast: Veggie Juice
  • Workout: Teaching Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Post Workout Snack: Purple Yam
  • Lunch: Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup
  • Snack: Veggie Juice
  • Dinner: Berry Spinach Salad


The day started bright with my favorite class of the week, then BOOM! I felt intense soreness on my lower right back. It could be from several things. First, I might be overusing my body - but I had done worse with no adverse effect. Two, and most likely was from squatting and lifting heavy planter pots the day before - I was doing some mobile gardening and was replanting some herbs and orchids. Third, in a remote possibility of an accumulation of misalignment of my body from compensating during my exercises.

Whatever it is, I normally would hold it and rest. But considering my current routine, I could not let this slide and went for a massage immediately. It was oooooooohhhh.... so good!

By evening, the kinks were almost gone spare for little stiffness. I made quick toss of a salad and just sat back relax in the couch, lifting my legs enjoying dinner over some old flix.

Starting the day...

Like I mentioned, green juice and packed a small purple yam for the road. You see how much we live this groovy colored yam (or sweet potato - I decided to give in and called it "yam" even if it's a misnomer). It's compact, more dense than its cousins, and has that earthy sweetness that just hit the spot!

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I added grated coconut in the juice. If you like having little tease bites in your juice, try it.

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Not really experimenting with lunch, but with my lower back screaming, I simply blended some saved cauliflower stalks with soymilk and made a quick mushroom soup with spinach. This is just a variation of the green cauli soup, only with different type of mushrooms.

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I wanted something refreshing for dinner. Something I could eat slowly and enjoying each bite. If you don't realize yet, I eat my salad with chopsticks. So that works grandly. Chop chop and toss, and I sat deep in the couch picking into the salad mix bowl with chopsticks.

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On to day 18...

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