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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 16 - Fixing Meals with Vitamix


  • Breakfast: Berries + almonds & cinnamon
  • Snack: Green Juice (Avocado Veggie)
  • Lunch: Quinoa with Thai Curry Stir Fry
  • Snack: Berries + Japanese Yam
  • Dinner: Green Cauliflower Soup


Unplanned rest day. It was good and bad at the same time. Not good for my mood, but I supposed a rest was long overdue. I had intended to practice Body Combat, but at the last minute, we both ditched and did grocery instead. The interesting part of the day, actually came late at night. A Facebook acquaintance messaged me for some reason sounded a little scandalous about my menu selections for the reset, and the fact that I workout, intensely. Well, I explained that unlike what the program prescribed, I had to modify due to my life activity. As for the food, can you blame a cook to make her own meal selection? In my book, you gotta be creative in cooking. Especially on a restrictive healthy diet such as this. Otherwise your life becomes dull and boring and pretty soon you will grow to hate eating healthy.

Starting the day...

Uneventful. No class today. Breakfast was brightened by the appearance of ... kiwi! I made avo-veggie green juice enough to last me the whole day.
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Lunch was the highlight of my day. I love quinoa. This time I used Thai Curry spice blend again. Stir frying the tofu and veggie then mix it in with cooked quinoa. Divine! I should post the recipe later. It is very simple though.

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Since I thought I was going to workout, I kinda overdid my snack. Finished the Avo Veggie juice, had some blackberries and Japanese Yam.  At least I shared those.

After a diverted plan to workout, I shifted my energy to make something new with the Vitamix. I have a lot of vegetable in the fridge and I just bought a big head of cauliflower. Voila! Green Cauliflower soup. The only drawback on using the blender is the frothy foam. I need to consult with peeps who has been using this for hot soup on how to avoid having it foamy or frothy like a latte.

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Soupy dinner always filled me up. I better go zz before tummy realized it's been tricked.

On to day 17....

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