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the "Kat"


Catharina Soesetyo-Gunawan

Advocate of Fun and Healthy Living

Certified instructor of
Les Mills Body Combat®, Turbo Kick®, INSANITY® Fit Fun & Beyond

Contrary to what most people thought about me, I don't just eat grass.  I still eat and cook food like most people do, but just so happens, I cook better and healthier than most of them, and I make better choices about what to eat outside.  ...Well, most of the time.  :)

Enjoy Life & Enjoy it Smarter  is my principle to prolonged the experience and getting the fullest satisfaction out of life.  Balancing the good and the bad, being on my best behavior when it comes to temptation, and take things in moderation.  I'm here to promote a fun, active and healthy lifestyle I myself enjoy.  And if others got inspired by what they read here, all the better.

On Food
Creativity born out of excellent taste, appetite for good food and passion for cooking.

On Fitness
Personal experience, hunger for knowledge and common sense produce result that lasts a lifetime.   

Left: Food only.  Right: Food & Fitness.

Fitness story... [coming soon]