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Friday, May 3, 2013

Grocery List - Ultimate Reset

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Ultimate Reset is a gentle detox program that gradually cleanse the digestive system and promotes healthier and more balance body.  There are supplements to be taken during the program to help your body reset itself. The meals play an important role as these are what ultimately cleanse the system not just during the program, but in the long run.

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Planning the Meals

My grocery list is simple. I refrained from having too many meal varieties during the program. I choose recipes with similar ingredients that can be used in all three weeks. This saves me time grocery shopping and saves money.

Be creative. You might have a family recipe that can be tailored to fit the detox guideline. Cooking food that's already familiar makes meal time more comforting.

Be adventurous. For the next 21 days you will be developing a new habit, so might as well try something new. But limit it to 1 or 2 recipes. And again, using mostly ingredients already in your list.

In a glance, you can keep the list as simple as the pictures on the right. I actually have several more items in the Pantry that are not included in the pictures (I ran out when taking those photos :p ). For more details and variety, scroll down more for the List. 

The List

I divided my grocery list into three:
  • Pantry Must-Have
  • Main List
  • Week One

Pantry Must-Have are items I use over and over again in preparing the meals. This includes spices, oils and basic ingredients.

Main List consists of ingredients used in cooking from week one to three. This is the go-to list each time I shop - same type of vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind, the items listed here are the ones I used in cooking my meal. You can choose your own.

Week One is a very short list. Mainly non-vegetable protein source and grains. Keep the list short and don't overstock. You won't need these after week one. 

The idea behind the lists is to be smart - planning what to cook/buy in order not to waste material and money.

For example, grains have long shelf live and can be stored even after you don't need it after week 1 or 2.  So think of oatmeal or brown rice. Bread on the other hand, only last for so long before it goes stale (unless there are others who would eat it in your household).  

Vegetables and fruits, well, you buy them as needed. These should have been in your normal grocery list to begin with :)  

You'll notice that I don't even have brown rice in the list. Omitting rice is no problem for me as I normally don't eat rice.  Instead, I replaced grains option with quinoa, which can be part of the meal throughout the program. This makes my list 1 item less.

Ok, enough talk. Here's the list.

Pantry must-have 

  1. Sliced Almonds - raw or dry, toasted
  2. Miso Paste - no MSG, organic
  3. Himalayan Salt (the pink salt)
  4. Lemon Pepper Shaker 
  5. Garlic (always have fresh ones ready minced in a small container. Prep food 101)
  6. Onion (I pre-sliced/diced my onions. Prep food 101)
  7. Coconut/Olive Oil Spray
  8. Spice blends - premix spices or other herbs

 Main List

  1. Quinoa
  2. Fruits: Kiwi & Berries - or any in season
  3. Kale/Spinach - or any dark leafy vegetable
  4. Broccoli or Cauliflower - choose one for each week
  5. Celery - great for snack as well as for cooking
  6. Cilantro - for adding flavor on top of the dish
  7. Zucchini 
  8. Carrots or Beets - some sweetness in your palate
  9. Tomato 
  10. Mushroom - protein source
  11. Tofu or Tempeh - protein source
  12. Red Bell Pepper 
  13. Sweet Potato - mashed, sliced and steamed. I love this stuff!
  14. Black Bean - get low sodium kind and rinse it well. Or get the dried beans and prepare to soak it in water for a long time then boil. 
  15. Shakeology Vegan

Additional List for Week 1

  1. Greek Yogurt - A small tub should be enough
  2. Eggs 
  3. Whole Wheat Bread or Oatmeal
  4. Rotisserie Chicken - skinned and de-boned. Prep food 101.

Again, these are my lists based on the food choices I made. Yours could be different. However the idea remains the same. Keep the list short and keep it simple.

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