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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Can't My Wife's Hobby be Bowling....

Forever in My Heart - Pasadena Marathon 2013
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Is what my husband said last Sunday morning as the Forever in My Heart Team gathered together at 5:45 am on a warm Sunday June 30, 2013, for the Pasadena Marathon. Bless his heart, of course he said those words with a smile and I know he is proud of me :)

But truth be told, I don't like running. Running hurts my knees. After a race my quads would be so tight that it is a challenge to sit on the toilet, or getting up from a chair for that matter. And for several days I walked down any steps like an old woman with major arthritis problem.

Being under the sun for hours also damaged my skin; freckles popping up like mushrooms in the rainy season on my face and my arms. My toes hurting, especially that extra long second one on my right foot. Ok, TMI.

What I do like about running a race - 5k, 10k, or half marathon - is the positive energy all around buzzing the air, the high spirits, people high five-ing each other, cheering other teams, psyching up their own.

You don't get the same energy vibe from just any masses of people. At a concert, for example, you could feel the excitement, the giddiness, but it's different. Everyone is for themselves. You don't get the sense of camaraderie as in a sporting event like running.

In a running event, most participants are focused on simply being able to cross that finish line, rather than elbowing each other away from their path (think of a roller derby for an extreme comparison). Running is one sporting event, where competitive spirits is second to being supportive to other participants. Say a runner is down, tripped over or something, you can bet on another runner stopping to give assistance. Or if you ran out of water in a trail run, there would be others who would share their ration with you just so you could make it to the next water stations. So it may be called a race, but it is one where you keep your integrity and humanity intact beyond reaching first for the medal.

Here's another reason why I run, which to me is very important: to share the experience with friends and to inspire others to be active.

The fact that this activity is very doable by anyone with no limitation to age or fitness level allows me to gather friends to do it together as a team. In my book, a successful team thrives not in winning, but in strengthening the bond of friendship. A great team survives in the experience and that's why having fun is important in all the events I organize with friends.

Inspiration to others comes in later as the result of a successful team completing a memorable event. When a race is completed, got the medals, sweat stinky sneakers are aired-out, what's left is the experience imprinted in our mind. Done right, this will change a person from the inside out. And others can see it; that being active, improving one's fitness can be something fun and enjoyable, easy to do too! As simple as putting one foot in front of the other, and repeat.

How is that "fun" you ask? Like I said, sharing it with friends makes it fun. And we come up with ideas to make it memorable and interesting.
Hollywood Half Marathon 2013
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The first was the Hot Chocolate Run in San Diego as Super Easter Bunny, then Hollywood Half Marathon as Roaring 20s Divas, and the latest was Forever in My Heart as we commemorate my late Father's birthday, and more to come.

The day fitness is no longer can be made fun, is when I will stop. Until then....

My husband might curse and grumble as he ran the miles and his shin splints would give him pain for the next few days, yet he remains supportive. He may shakes his head in bewilderment at the ideas and things that I got myself into, yet come the next event, chances are he wouldn't want to be left behind, therefore roped himself into another race with this hyper crazy wife of his :)

Well, what am I suppose to do? Bowling? Heck, no! I simply laugh and smile sweetly, throw a big hug around him, cook yummy food and give him major TLC to soothe his sore muscles. *awwwwwww....* :P
Hot Chocolate San Diego 2013
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To my dear husband Andy, who keeps up with my antics, I luv yu!!  ;)

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