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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ultimate Reset II - Day 4: The Start of a Hectic Month

Day 4

  • Sup: Optimize
  • Breakfast/Preworkout: Greek Yogurt, Blueberry, Peach, Qi'a & Green Juice
  • Workout: Teaching Body Combat (1 hour)
  • Post Workout: Purple Yam
  • Sup: Optimize 
  • Lunch: Red & White Quinoa with Thai Basil Curry. Loaded with protein (mushroom, tofu, egg whites, chicken)
  • Sup: Alkalinize
  • Snack: Purple Yam
  • Sup: Optimize + Soothe
  • Supper: same as lunch

What a day... I was scrambling around like chicken with no head. With purple yams saving my day, I managed to plow through the day without snacking on the not so healthy options. 

Now that I have class every morning from Monday to Thursday, and my design work started to come in, plus, I have to cook for the food fair in August - this will go on for the rest of the month, then I just found out from Mom that I needed to pick up Dad at LAX Thursday night, both me and Andy didn't have time for dinner so we just munch on purple yams on the road and while waiting at LAX.

The highlight meal of the day was lunch. I made the red & white quinoa and tossed almost every kind of veggie and protein I have in the fridge into the pot and use it for the Thai Basil Curry. The basil of course, came from my own little window garden :) Lime basil and Thai basil combined plus Thai Curry spice blend. 

Using barely a cup of the coconut milk, mixing with water, I get a tasty soup that's savory yet not heavy. It's all in the spices, I tell you. 

As always it is a good call to make enough food for 2 or more meals. We missed dinner time, because we went to the airport. I stopped in the middle of cooking and scrambled with Andy to LAX. When we got home again, it was 10:30p. I was exhausted to be honest, and feel the need to eat. So I heated up left over from lunch.

Some might say that it is too late to eat. But really. I can't sleep with stomach growling now, can I?

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