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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ultimate Reset II - Day 3: Always Have a Post-Workout Snack. Always.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Toast and PB with almonds and peaches
  • Workout: Teach Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Post workout: tiny square of homemade Larabar
  • Real post workout snack: Purple Yams and Greek Yogurt with Qi'a, peach, and blueberry
  • Lunch: Chicken dumplings with mushroom spinach soup
  • Snack: Purple Yam and Choco Shakeology
  • Dinner: Zoodle with Chicken Mushroom Tomato Italiano :)

Even during non detox period I always have snacks handy. But today, I sort of shared my larabars with friends at the gym. So only ate a tiny square of it. Definitely not enough. Like a steam engine low on coals, I was feeling depleted and weak. Borderline lightheaded. I lasted long enough to complete my grocery run before going home.

I was out of Greek Yogurt, one of the reason I was out to the supermarket after the gym, so for breakfast, I opted for whole wheat toast and PB with almond slices. Not exactly sure why but my tummy felt a little funny after eating 2 slices of PB toast. Hopefully I didn't get OD-ed on the good ole PBJ-wich .... that would suck.

Here's what you need to understand about my detox modification. It's mainly about eating and staying with healthy food choice. Portion is adjusted with the amount of calories I need, so for others will be different, depending on their gender, size and activity level.

I am very active. So I need more food as fuel. I burn calories as I'm sitting in front of my computer! Hence I don't let myself go hungry. If I feel low and before I get lightheaded, I grab a little snack. Operative word here is "Little". That means: several almonds, or a bite of purple yams, or a handful of blueberries, green juice, or Shakeology (not the full serving, unless it is the only snack I have in between meals).

Dinner was fun! I got the idea from the responses to my Facebook page about spaghetti subs. Spaghetti squash seems to be the most obvious choice, but I don't normally buy that squash. And the last time I bought kabocha for my first Reset..... well, it's still sitting there in the Pantry :)

So I chose to do zucchini noodles. I always stock up on zucchini and I have the grater. To me, it makes more sense as the subs.

I have 3 tomatoes needed to be used very very soon. Perfect for a mushy tomato base stir fry. Adding mushrooms, chicken, and kale, onion and Italian Herb dinner is served.

I love it. I'm big on texture and shape in my food. I believe cutting all veggie the same way as cubes is extremely boring and make them all taste the same. Variations as simple as changing the shape of the veggie, cook it the same way will change the eating experience. Try it. And tell me if you agree or disagree. :)

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