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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ultimate Reset II - Day 5: Practicality Leads to Simplicity and Saving Money

Day 5

  • Supp: Optimize
  • Breakfast: Greek Yogurt, blueberry, peach, Qi'a + Green Juice
  • Snack: Purple Yam
  • Supp: Optimize
  • Lunch: Quinoa + Rotisserie Chicken + almonds slices (cold)
  • Supp: Alkalinize
  • Snack: Soy Mushroom Soup
  • Supp: Optimize + Soothe
  • Dinner: Turkey patty over salad + grilled pineapple, corn blackbean salsa, egg whites, roasted red pepper

I thought today would be relaxing with no workout. On the contrary, the only relaxing part of the day was the hour I spent during facial. Then the crazyness began again. 

I kept breakfast the same for practical reason. No need to get fancy if I could save money and time and brain, especially in the morning. So keeping it the same until I finish up the Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Peaches and Qi'a. And green juice.

I packed a purple yam in my bag knowing that I would be hungry after facial. Then I ran some errand, went home, started the fire and started cooking again. I don't have enough space on the stove top to cook, so cold quinoa plus rotisserie chicken it is.
By 4pm, I cleared up some stove area and made me some mushroom soup. I have been thinking about it and since I didn't really have a good lunch, I thought, I might as well.

By the time my Dad was up from his jetlag nap, it was almost dinner time. I decided it's better to go out. I was kinda sick of being in the kitchen the whole afternoon. I suggested we go to the Counter for burger, thinking I could order portabello mushroom and salad.

Apparently, it has been that long since I went to eat there. They didn't have portabello mushroom, so I ordered turkey burger patty. Another wrong move. The patty turned out way too salty that my tongue felt burned! Ugh, I ate half of the 1/3 pounder and finished up the greens quick to wash off the saltiness on my tongue.

Didn't really help and I just know that tonight and tomorrow I would be bloated....

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