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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tamari Beef & Brussels Sprouts

Not that I don't like Broccoli Beef, it's just been so overdone and to be honest, boring. The connotation of broccoli beef is that of fast food or cheap Chinese food, a.k.a. overcooked broccoli, chewy beef, too salty, too much oil.

However, I do like a combo of beef and greens stir fry. I think it's the Asian in me. So, rummaging around the Pantry I decided to use whatever I have on hand to make my own beef & greens dish. A healthier version of course.

Thanks to Costco, I have a big bag of brussels sprouts. I like the more "adult" taste of brussels sprouts in comparison to broccoli. To some, the slight bitterness of these bulbous greens makes them not too  desirable on the dinner table especially in household with children. But for some reason as I grow older, I am liking these type of "off taste" more and more. It might be because of the food normally available out there are either sweet, salty or sour/tangy, or spicy, or a combo of any of the four. I can now appreciate the less main stream taste.

Tamari Beef & Brussels Sprouts

Serves: 2

8 oz beef stew meat - slice about 1/4" slanted and across the fiber
2 cups of quartered brussels sprouts
2 tbs tamari sauce
1 tbs garlic + 1 tbs of garlic - I like mine garlicky
1 tsp olive oil - I used the spray kind
black pepper
2 tbs water

Use 1 tbs of tamari to coat the beef and seasoned with black pepper.

Start 1 tbs garlic with the olive oil on a wok or pan on high heat. When they start turning darker yellow, add in the beef. Stir fry it until the beef is cooked medium rare, takes only a minute or two. Set it aside.

Now, start the remaining garlic with olive oil until they turn darker yellow, add in brussels sprouts. Toss around with the garlic several times. When you can feel the heat of the wok rise up again pour in the water then immediately cover the wok. Let it steamed in for a minute. (I like my brussels sprouts a bit charred - they smell and taste better)

Open the lid, check the brussels sprouts. If they are about almost done add in the beef. Toss them together add black pepper (or lemon pepper) until the beef is cooked to your liking.
Yes, that's it. I didn't even have to add sea salt! :)

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