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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ultimate Reset II - Day 6 & 7: Quick Trip to Las Vegas

Day 6 - Leaving Los Angeles

  • Breakfast: a bit of greek yogurt with blueberries + Green Juice
  • Snack/Lunch: Purple Yam, PBJ + Green Juice, larabar homemade
  • Snack: more Purple Yam, Watermelon Juice, Figs
  • Dinner: Chicken Mushroom Tomato Italiano

Day 7 - Leaving Las Vegas

  • Breakfast: Egg White French Toast with maple syrup, Greek Yogurt + Berries
  • Lunch: Purple Yams, more egg white FT, Green Juice
  • Snack: Grapes, Granola & Greek Yogurt + blueberries
  • Dinner: Korean Hot Tofu Soup & Onion pancake

Tomato Italiano Zoodles
This is why if you are planning on traveling, don't start any restrictive diet plan or detox. This one was sudden and unplanned. My Dad just returned from abroad and I promised to drive him back to Las Vegas. So that's my excuse. I managed to eat healthy in Las Vegas (staying at Mom's home being the main reason how I could do that). 

The on the road part though, was sketchy. Always. I stocked up purple yams, grapes, a few larabar homemade and PBJ so that helped.

Sunday when we had to go back to Los Angeles was like a hurricane. We were trying to stay ahead of the going home traffic and so we were rushing in the morning through our breakfast. I packed leftover from the breakfast for the road, made some more green juice, then off we go.

Giant Figs :) nomnomnom
All in all, nothing really exciting when it comes to the meal this weekend, except the figs - freshly picked from the tree in Mom's backyard, and the Tomato Italiano.

I introduced my Dad to "zoodles" and he loves it! He kept saying how healthy it was but tasty and fulfilling. I saved some for him for his lunch on Monday. Mom's not home, so at least he has something healthy to eat to start the first day back to work after vacation.

Back in Los Angeles, cousin called frantically because she had an emergency situation at her house. After we dropped out stuff at home, we left to help her out. Water heater pipe broke and flooded her bedroom. Long story short, situation was back under control, now she needed to unwind and destress. We took her out for dinner and all I could think of was Korean Tofu house. Andy and my cousin could eat their favorite dish, and I could order a tofu soup. Make sense, right? I thought so :)

Watermelon Juice
Whew~ ... not ideal for end of week one, but I take it. Whatever comes, let it be. I deal with the situation the best I could and do my best to stay on track.

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