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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ultimate Reset, Take TWO

Here I go again. This time, I am modifying it even more. Here's the plan. There is no way I would stop my workout, therefore I need my protein. The first time I did the Reset, I noticed a stalled drop in my body fat percentage after I started cutting back protein. What I got from mushrooms, tofu and quinoa simply not enough. On this Reset, I'm extending egg whites through the third week.

I'm anxious for the weigh in tomorrow morning as I know I have been indulging way too much at the food festival yesterday and today.

I don't expect and rather not have, a big drop in weight as well. Hopefully it will hover around 103 like last time. Different menu, different modification. I can't tell what's the result would be and I can't wait for the 21st day.

I have a growing buddies too doing this Reset. There are five of us now starting tomorrow, Monday. Here's to us doing the Reset and here's to Result!

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