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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 9 - Unboring Vegetarian


  • Breakfast: Veggie Juice
  • Lunch: Southwestern Quinoa + Black Beans and Roasted Red Pepper
  • Workout: Body Combat (1 hour)
  • Post workout Snack: Sweet Potato + cinnamon and almond slices + half banana
  • Dinner: Southwestern Quinoa (lunch leftover) + Mushroom and cilantro


Second day of being a vegetarian was not bad at all, although still feeling I'm missing something during breakfast (protein). Veggie juice helped floated the day all the way until lunch. Workout was intense, but I didn't feel exhausted or low on energy. Post workout snack definitely helped a lot. Drinking the Detox three times a day plus Alkalanize is rather troublesome. I never am good at taking supplements. I don't think I will ever get tired of quinoa at this rate. in fact, I think I ate too much for dinner :P

Starting the day...

What still threw me off during breakfast is the absent of protein. I could try making the mashed chickpeas for breakfast, but I decided to restrain myself in using too many new players in the pantry. Since I only had 2 kiwis left, I decided to make green juice for breakfast. I figured the fibers would hold me up until lunch time. And it sure did. 

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I had early lunch in anticipation of an afternoon workout. I almost forgot to drink Detox. This is a new routine that I needed to get used to for the next 5 days. Three times a day is quite a lot... Lunch was yet another quinoa hit, using Southwestern spice blend I got when I bought Vitamix. It's all natural, no MSG and low sodium. I would have added corn next time. It will lend to the texture, taste and presentation.

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Snack for pre/post workout was the same thing, sweet potato with lots of cinnamon and some almond slices (not pictured as it was a last minute prep). I went grocery after workout, bought banana and shared it right away with Andy. The workout was so intense the snack I brought was not enough. We were feeling depleted within half an hour.  Back home, popped in the supplement, guzzled Detox, and we had early dinner over a movie. 

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I honestly think I'm enjoying the vegetarian cooking a bit too much. I might have had more servings than I should for dinner. I justified that with my workout this afternoon. For now, rest and tomorrow morning ready to teach Turbo Kick.

On to day 10...

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