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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 5 - Ultimate Reset. Perfect Breakfast on the Run: Shakeology Vegan


  • Breakfast: Shakeology Vegan Tropical
  • Workout: Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Post workout snack: Banana
  • Lunch: Quinoa with Chicken
  • Snack: Green Juice
  • Dinner: Mushroom Chicken Quinoa


Shakeology is handy for meal on the go. A morning workout is not recommended when one already spent 3 hours in intense workout the day before - energy level is low, sore muscles still haven't recovered. Compensating with extra protein and snack, then sleep early to let the body repair. Experimenting with quinoa is fun.

Starting the day...

I strongly believe that snooze button was invented as a trap! I hit it once and found myself woke up with barely enough time to get ready for my friend's class. Three workouts from the previous day was enough to tire me even on a regular day. My body was still sore and I hardly had energy to through punches, let alone jump. But, the class was fun and it was my friend's birthday after all :)  I had to run with my breakfast. Shakeology Tropical Vegan was the ticket.

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I had a banana to hold off my hunger (also as post workout snack), while I ran errand and did grocery. Back home, lunch was leftover quinoa with chicken.

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Before I knew it, it was snack time. Something light that would last the whole afternoon until dinner.  I blended a double serving green juice for both me and Andy.
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Well what do you know, Andy is digging quinoa. Awesome! This time I toasted the quinoa and simmer it with ginger, cooking wine and garlic before cooking. Dinner was another hit! The quinoa turned out more savory and filling.

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On to day 6...

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