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Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 8 - Turning Vegetarian


  • Breakfast: Fruits & Sweet Potato
  • Workout 1: Teaching Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Snack: Sweet Potato
  • Lunch: Veggie Soup
  • Snack: Vegan Shakeology Chocolate + Coconut & Pineapple
  • Workout 2: Teaching Turbo Kick (1+ hour)
  • Dinner: Soy based Italian Mushroom Soup


First day of week 2 was more than satisfactory. The only part I was a bit anxious was breakfast. And it will probably continue on to week 3. Why? Because of the lack of protein in that first meal of the day. Nothing new about lunch, veggie soup minus egg whites and chicken. Dinner was yummy! Soy based mushroom soup was unexpectedly creamy. Since this was the first day of the second phase, I was still getting used to the supplements. Detox (brown stuff) was actually taste better than Alkalanize (green stuff). Drinking them with straw as supposed to shot it worked well for me. I wasn't planning on doing two workouts. But life happens. I helped a friend subbing the evening class. Energy level was good during the class, low after one hour. I didn't have much appetite for dinner, or may be the soup was so fulfilling that I only had a bowl. 

Starting the day...

I didn't account the time to drink extra supplement in the morning, so here goes: pre-workout breakfast, workout, post workout snack, then the Detox supplement, then "breakfast". Nothing exciting I only have kiwis left at home, but in combo with the purple sweet potato the color was nice, so I took a pic anyway.

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Not so yucky brown stuff. I could taste the sweetness of Stevia in it. The texture is much better than the colon detox I had taken before. It is not thick or coagulated and easier to drink. Pretty much slipped through to your throat when drinking it with a straw. Why straw? So it passes quick through my mouth with touching the whole mouth cavity, and that means I don't smell or taste it as much.

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I devoured my lunch before thinking about taking photo of it. So this pic is from a previous veggie soup. They are all pretty much the same anyway. Today though, was completely vegetarian/vegan.

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Why did I offer to sub that class?? Oh well, I was planning to workout practicing Body Combat anyway this evening, at least this way I was helping out a friend. To boost up my energy, the afternoon snack needed to be more substantial. Ding ding! Shakeology. It's nutritious, tasty and has a lot of nutrients. That should boost my energy level for the class. The recipe I followed from the guidebook was a hit! I love it. Chocolate mixed with coconut and pineapple, reminds me of the taste of Hawaii. Tons of ice made it slushy. I wonder if I added soy milk that would make the consistency more ice cream like...

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After 1 hour plus of workout, I could not wait to go home and make dinner. Popped in the supplements - Optimize, Soothe and Detox. Waited 30 minutes (while showering and freshened up) then... finally. 
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I have been waiting to make this soup since I got the base recipe from a girlfriend, whose family used to own a vegetarian restaurant. Simple soup, but you know me. I just gotta embellish a little :p  So from a simple soy milk, mushroom and pea sprouts, my concoction was Italian Mushroom Soup, soy based. 

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I completely forgotten about the post workout snack I stashed in the bag. I didn't feel like I needed it. During my workouts, I have been drinking Mineralized water instead of the Recovery Drinks (too much sugar and stuff in it). That seems to help.
Now rest and get ready for second week, day two.

On to day 9....

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