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Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 6 - Light Weight Training Day on Ultimate Reset


  • Breakfast: Greek Yogurt & Fruits + cinnamon
  • Lunch: Veggie Soup + Chicken
  • Workout: Insanity Upper Body Weight Training (1+ hour)
  • Snack: Sweet potato
  • Dinner: Steamed Trio Sweet Potato


The plan was to do weight in the morning, but listening to my body, I ended up starting the day later in the morning to let my body recover from an exhausting Thursday and Friday. Taking it easy with light weight training in the afternoon. I was a little worried to losing my muscles and strength. The rest of the day was reserved for rest and relaxation.

Starting the day...

I could feel it in the morning when the alarm went off at 7am, body all sore and tired. I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. Bliss. When I finally got up, it was time for Optimize then prep the day's breakfast. I still have almost a full tub of Greek Yogurt, better eat them as much as I can before week two started. I love this Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe's, by the way, it is smoother and not as sour and tarty as Fage.

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Lazy morning like this made me missed the mornings where hubby and I were both enjoying coffee over PBJ.... Ah well, time for those later. We sneaked in the weight training after breakfast. While I had planned to lift lighter, I did feel my muscles weren't as ready or as strong as the last time I did the same weight routine.

Now, lunch. Nothing fancy, just a repeater as expected; Veggie Soup. Oh, with kale this time; I finally got some the day before. I plan to make my green juice with it for snack on week 2.

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Time to enjoy the rest of Saturday. I prepared dinner which was steamed trio sweet potato with fresh grated coconut on top & sprinkle Himalayan Salt.  Sweet potato is my comfort food. As a kid growing up on Indonesia, it was my snack or dessert. Indonesians create a variety of yummy stuff with it. Although finding the purple colored ones there usually a bit tough and more expensive. 
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Tomorrow I'd be taking my meals out to the Insanity Certification. That means preparation begins tonight. 

On to day 7...

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