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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 3 - One Class to Teach


  • Breakfast: Toast and egg scramble with spinach
  • Workout: Teaching Turbo Kick (1 hour)
  • Post Workout Snack: Purple Sweet Potato
  • Lunch: Sauted veggie with Tempeh
  • Snack: Asian Fragrant Pear
  • Dinner: Roasted Roots Medley - Southeast Asian style


I practically passed out last night, zonked for a good 7 hours and woke up refreshed and not hungry. Energy level was even, didn't feel tired. Starting to twiddle my thumbs to avoid reaching for habitual snacking. Today's workout was considered light, so extra snack was minimal.

Starting the day...

No time to dawdle, got a class to teach. Downed the Mineralize water plus Optimize. Breakfast was done in a flash, ate only part of it the rest hubby gladly finished for me. 

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I was not feeling hungry and I had energy for the class. I decided not to eat banana post workout, I just took a bite of a purple sweet potato and called that a morning. Lunch came fast when you have a morning workout. Second round of supplement done and I started with lunch. Tempeh with sauted veggie. Too bad, I actually missed my deep fried tempeh ala Indo-snack :)
Sauted Veggie & Tempeh
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Not going out means I faced the home temptation and only one workout meant no extra snack. Darn it... Fragrant pear for snack, then here goes the green stuff...  >.< 
Actually it's good for my body. Alkalanize supports a healthy immune system by helping reduce blood acidity levels, bringing your body back into a healthy pH balance.

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It's not easy when you have a stock full of kitchen goodies and whats not. Work as always was a good distraction from habitual snack. Finally it was time to make dinner ... *yay!!* I had been wanting to try roasting the sweet potato. I got the idea from the guide booklet and ran off modifying it. The result is a medley of beautiful colorful roots with a hint of coconut fragrant. 
Roasted Roots Medley
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Ups, almost forgot Optimize and Soothe. Now time to review new round of Turbo Kick for tomorrow's class then catch my zzz. 

On to day four ...

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