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Saturday, May 9, 2015

BUR - Day 5: Ultimate Reset

Friday!! :)  That means time for facial. I don't do it every Friday, obviously, but it is a chance to go out and make lunch dates at the same time. While on the Reset, I have just to be picky on where to eat.

Breakfast started with scrambled eggs, mainly whites, of course. Then lunch at Lemonade in Pasadena. This place has a good variety of salad with quality ingredients. No dessert for me this visit. I took this chance to buy extra salad for dinner.

The only regret I had was not bringing enough Mineralized water with me. I should have brought 2 bottles.  Still ended the day with at least 50 oz of water.

Mainly egg whites simple cramble

Really bomb!!! Half avocado with tuna salad

Sayur Bening

Beet Salad, it has beets, melon, chickpeas, greens

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