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Thursday, May 7, 2015

BUR - Day 2: Ultimate Reset

Day 2, not a good day. Light headed, not sure if it was from watching too much movies with caption - the text kept drawing my eyes to read - for sure not from the detox, because I still pretty much ate my normal food, if not eating better. I took Body Flow class that night, but very unproductive. Slight headache every time I change elevation. Mediation was spent holding my eyes. Suffice to say, I looked forward to end of the day and to sleep. Oh, on a good note, I drank 60+ oz of water ^_^

Breakfast: Soft boiled eggs
Lunch: Quinoa with chicken, shitake mushroom and kale stir fry
Snack: Greek Yogurt with strawberries, almonds and flaxseed
Dinner: Green salad with tofu and strawberries

Soft boiled eggs (1 yolk, 3 egg whites)

Quinoa, chicken, shitake mushroom and kale stir fry

Greek yogurt with strawberries, almonds, flaxseed and cinnamon

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