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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fit Pantry Challenge: Transform Your Body 21 Days at a Time

*Updated May 2015
It has been a year now since I started this. Time flies... I'm so proud and happy for the people in the challenge groups who reached their goals and more. Some have joined the rank of Coach, like me, and continue to motivate others. If you are skeptical, if you are curious, if you don't know what this program is about, well, simple. TRY IT -->
You will have support and accountability, coaching and fitness buddy, plus if you decided that it is not for you, you can have your money back.

I started my first 21 Day Fix Challenge Group back in June 2014. I was also part of the first group, because I believe in order to understand this challenge I needed to be part of the undertaking and experience it myself. Fast forward to a year and 12 Challenge Groups* later, suffice to say that the result of the first group has gotten not only me convinced that this program (21 Day Fix) indeed WORKS!

By no means it is a quick result and I make it clear to each participant. For example, no, you won't drop from size 10 to 2 in only three weeks; one, you may not even need to drop that much, two, a big drop like that is unhealthy and unmaintainable, and three, it is not what this program is about - it is NOT a quick fix or starvation diet, it is a lifestyle change in stages.

On a flip-side, this challenge is not only for people who need to lose weight. In general, it is to learn how much food we actually need to eat, period. Some of the participants are not overweight. You would even think they don't need to do this. Some actually have been doing quite intense workout routine.  However, their problem lies in lack of proper nutrition due to not eating enough food, the right kind of variety. 

See for yourself. First, what the maker of the program has to say about it, and then see some of the results of my past challenge groups participants.

Testimonies we see in the infomercials are great, but still leaving us somewhat skeptical. Those results are based on selected individuals in actual test groups conducted by Beachbody, who followed the program very strictly - I personally know a couple of ladies who got selected into these focus groups. So yes, the results may vary, but they are real people doing the programs with discipline to the dot.

Now, here are the results of some of the ladies in my groups. I trust in these results more because I personally know these ladies, we are friends, and we regularly see each others, and I have seen the transformation with my own eyes.

Meet Wanda.

Wanda is one of the most disciplined and focus person I ever met and true to her commitment, her result is AMAZING!! 10 days in and she excitedly sent her progress pic already. Suffice to say, at the end of the first 21 days, she already reached her goal.

By the end of the second round, she simply looks fantastic. So of course she earned a little surprise gift from her coach ;)

She drank one serving of Shakeology a day, her favorite is Tropical, reduced her sodium intake, even swear off her favorite snacks - chips! She practiced hot power yoga almost daily in addition to the 30 minutes workout from the DVD.  In round 2 she went for the 21 Day Fix Extreme challenge. This includes a different meal regiment, a very strict one at that, and incorporating more weights in the workout. One would be blind to not notice that her belly had vanished and behold a flat abs in place now.  She motivates so many other women in her circle that at least 5 of them are now part of the challenge group. Wanda continues to motivate them being part of the group herself. Wanda, you make your coach proud of you!

Meet Beth.

Beth has gone through three rounds and she is one of the most successful participants in the challenge groups. Why? Because she took it seriously. She posted her shakes and food on the groups regularly - this is a way for me to keep the participants accountable. She drank one Shakeology a day and workout at least 30 minutes a day either using the video or going to the gym.  Keeping herself accountable and being dedicated has brought her this great result:

Here's Wina.

Wina travels often for business. It was extra challenging for her during the first round due to one of her trip. Yet she managed to pull through and came home not gaining any weight! She is shy about pictures, but for the sake of accountability, she posted pics only for the group. Respecting her privacy, I am not showing her photos here, but she dropped a nice comment at the end of her second round:

And Remora. 

Remora dropped 12 pounds only within the first 2 rounds! I got to give it to this Mom of three. She is one determined lady and when she set her mind to something, she is like a dog with a bone. She won the mini contest of the challenge, posting pics of every meals she had. Her favorite snacks are the Shakeology bites :) Just like Beth, she is one more case to prove that accountability can make a huge difference. She prefers to keep her pics private. Here's her text message to me at the middle of her second round. The message is half in English and half in Bahasa Indonesia, but you'd still be able to get the gist of it ;)

** UPDATE: Today Remora called me. She was off track for a while due to life-stress-what not.  After we met last Sunday, we chatted and she was back on course. This morning she happily told me that she had dropped to 135!! The lowest she ever been.  She went back to her 21-day habit of portion control, while still having her favorite machiato  ;)

Not forgetting Winnila.

Winni and Remora are friends. In fact, Winni was the one who brought Remora into the challenge. Winni is by no means overweight. Instead of problem with over eating, she eats way too little and not allowing enough nutrition in her body. Before the challenge and incorporating Shakeology in her daily diet, she felt tired easy and often felt low energy. Winni works a graveyard shift in the health industry.Finding time to eat and rest already a challenge with this odd working hours. She worked it out though and managed to get her schedule together. And she finally got results from eating more than she is used to.

Do you stop after finishing the 21 days challenge? It is up to you. Most likely the habit stick with you, if not all at least some. Wina told me that it was hard for her to eat a lot during the holiday parties as she is now not used to it anymore, physically, her stomach won't hold too much food.  Gradually, for each of the challengers, the eating habit shifts to a healthier and better portion. That's why it is suggested to continue on doing another 21 days, and another, and another round. Understanding the concept is the key I hope the participants will learn from the challenge, not simply cooking what ever recipe written in the guide book. You will not only get better at the portion, you will feel less restriction and get more creative with the food choices.

Do you think you are ready to make the shift? If you are, contact me and join the group :) 

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