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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When Pissed Off, Go Workout

Come within 10 feet and I'd bite your head off!! I was so pissed off, steam was coming out of my ears.  People might see a smile plastered on my face, but that, my friend, beware for those are the smile before a kill.

Ranting, huffing, and glaring all day long never solve or change anything. I knew that. Yet that was what I did for a good couple hours at home. Finally decided that I had enough of, I stopped thinking, put on workout clothes and shoes for the second time today and headed out to the gym.

As always, nothing like a good kick boxing class to release all the aggression, annoyance, anger out of my system. Fueled with pissed-off adrenalin, I jumped high, kicked sharp, punched hard and squatted low.  I haven't done Turbo Kick with so much high energy and plyo jumps in a long while.
             I was focus.
      I was in the zone. 
          It was all about me and the workout, 
                          and it felt so damn good. 

When the sweat poured out so did the negative charges in my blood. Dripping down on the wooden floor of the groupX room and got stepped on. More sweat dripped down, more toxins got flushed out.

At the end of the hour, flinging sweat drops all over the place, clothes drenched, hair heavy and salty, I was in a happy place. Tension was released from my muscles and all I longed for now was a good long hot shower, warm dinner and perhaps a bottle of cold Stella with cheese plate. Well, may be not the last part just yet, for tomorrow I have a kick boxing to teach.

Nothing to be pissed off about. All was good in the world. Knowing is one thing, acting on what you know is different. Especially when it involves emotion. Whatever it was that I got me going, it has passed and nothing would change that fact. What I could change is how I proceed from here on.

Working out helps me get out of a negative situations like this. It helps clearing my mind. Some people might do meditation, some go for a walk in the park, but for me, intense workout is my zen. 

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