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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got Eggs?

(Fancy name of omelet LOL coz it looks like a pizza)
[ Recipe ]
Andy could hear panic in my voice when I said, "We're out of eggs!!"

Is it that bad? Well, to us it is. Egg is one of the staples in our household. The perfect quick meal maker, power breakfast, protein addition to any veggie dish I cook. We consume eggs by boxes a day and usually buy by a box of hundred eggs straight from the farm.

Ok. Before you all freak out on me about cholesterol, let me clarify: by eggs, I really mean EGG WHITES. Feel better? :)

I still use the yolk but not as much as the whites.  Egg white, not only it is a good source of protein, it is low in calories (17-20 cal per egg), fills you up and so versatile you can make a variety of quick meals with only a little creativity. So from this point on, when I type "egg" you read "egg white". Deal?

If I'm too tired to cook or don't have the time, omelet or scrambled eggs with some veggies (usually I already have a ziploc bag or two of diced veggie ready to use in the fridge) and/or extra protein (typically rotisserie chicken) is the way to go. It is a perfect one pan meal. I don't have much to wash after.

So here are some of the egg-venture meals I make. Obviously these are not all. Just the ones I wasn't so lazy to take photos every single step I cook. Yeah, try do that, you realize how cumbersome that is and time consuming ... especially when there is a hungry husband waiting to eat :)

Rainbow Bell Pepper Ommy
[ Recipe ]

Stove Top Low Fat Quiche with avocado, mushrooms, tomato
[ Recipe ]
California Scramble - Spinach, Tomato, avocado, chicken

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