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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Ridiculously FUN Afternoon

May 3, 2014. The day was hot. Sun was out, no clouds in the sky, no breeze. At the Orange County Great Park Irvine, hundreds of people swarmed the flat empty scape. Music filled the air, you can smell the excitement and of course, the delectable fragrance off the grill from the food trucks.  The ROC Irvine commenced today! ROC as in Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge.

And that was where we were today. 12 obstacles, ranging from doable to ridiculous dotted the course. Some of the obstacles are ridiculously hard. Almost impossible, like jumping on top of 3 inflatable balls across two platforms. Injuries are to be expected. Fortunately, our team only suffered minor ones.

I started feeling hungry by the time we were walking towards the ninth obstacle. OH man... I couldn't wait to cross the last obstacle and check out the food trucks!!

We got water sprayed, bubbled, swinging from ropes, jumping across obstacles, hanging on monkey bars, got clobbered by swinging balls into cold water, then slid head down to the finish line ... it was fun! I would have double-back to do the last slide again had my stomach not calling me to hurry and get food :)

A nice peace and quiet afternoon on a hot day like today was a sweet idea. But once in a while when an event like this is available, go out. Get some friends to join and do it together with you. It is an experience you will remember and it would strengthen the bond of friendship, as a team won't leave a member behind.

We finally got to eat!

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