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Friday, February 28, 2014

If you haven't met yourself yet, find you, then BE YOU.

In the past, I tried so hard to fit into this image of how a young woman supposed to look like and to act according to Asian fashion and pop magazines. Down from the shape and color of the toenails, the way she stands (poses), style of clothes, how to put on the make up and hair style. What a painful experience now that I'm looking back! Forget the image of a woman toting a designer handbag, flowing silk scarf, dainty hands with fingernails all painted perfect, hair puffed up in soft curls framing the face just right, lip gloss always shimmery and luscious, mascara that doesn't run, and fashion up to the tee. .....*inhale-exhale* Uh-uh. NOPE.

I ain't that kinda gal. Most of the time you will see my hair straight and matted, silky wet .... from sweat! The bags I carry around typically either a gymbag or drawstring giveaway bag from a race I ran. 90% of my laundry consists of workout clothes. My make up kit is so few I can count them with 1 hand. And unlike what Sex in the City portrayed not all women piled up designer shoes and sandals like she owns a museum. The logo on my bras is a swoosh, not a VS. My nails, what nails? They are trimmed short and neat. If not they would get chipped and cracked. 

What I'm saying is, at some point in life, you have to recognize who you are. Find confident in knowing that nothing is wrong in being yourselves. Conformity is for lemmings. Being unique is what makes you stand out as individual. Being comfortable in your own skin is what makes you shine among others.

Simply put, I didn't know who I was for half of my life. I tried to be like others. Looking up at images the mass media keep feeding the public as my guide.... man, I was a sucker. Finding myself was not easy. I got burned to the ground before I finally see who I really am, sweeping away the ashes my true self was intact and revealed. Building on the new self discovery is another journey. One that I feel will continue to evolve.

So, not being hypocritical, I do own several designer handbags, which are waiting for the rare occasions for them to come out. My workout clothes have been upgraded in terms of price and quality, from 3 for $10 to a better one for $30 each. Capris ain't cheap either, not if you want to get one that last you a while and won't rip when you squat for the hundredth times. Regardless, my style, persist. I stay who I am. In recognizing myself, I realized that I could never be the women shown in the Asian magazines I used to stare for hours. On the other hand, I can be ME and improve on my own self.

Who to say that you can't be stylish in the workout clothes, am I right or am I right? :)

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